Reflection: Parent-Teacher Conference


Project Description: During my second rotation in a 4th grade classroom, I was able to be a part of one of the student's parent-teacher conferences.  I was invited to participate as an active teacher in the classroom by my SBTE and we asked the student's parents also if they would allow it so that I could give feedback to the parents on the student's progress that I have personally been a witness to.  I was able to discuss the lessons that I had taught their child and give positive feedback to the parent's questions about their child's progress. 


How Project Illustrates Standard:  Participating in a Parent-Teacher conference allowed for me to create a working relationship with this student and her parents.  I was able to give support and feedback on their child's learning environment and I was an active part of this student's classroom.  Her parents were able to find out information about what I was teaching in the classroom, as well as find out ways that they could continue their child's reading progress at home.


Reflection on Implementation:  After being an active participant in this conference, I was able to reflect on the parent's concerns and their love for their daughter.  I was very glad to be a part of a successful conference in which all participants had the student's best interests at heart.  I learned from my SBTE that some of the work samples that were used in the conference were selected based on which attributes that the teacher felt the student excelled in, but also some that needed improvement.


Ideas for Future Classroom Practice:  In my future classroom, I will keep the thoughts of this parent-teacher conference in mind when I go to prepare for mine.  I know that not all conferences will be the same, and that sometimes the most difficult task is getting the parents to attend at all.  Work samples and  a positive attitude are key aspects of a successful conference.


Technology Skills Demonstrated in Project (if applicable):  The only technology used in the conference was the classroom website that is updated every week to display the student's weekly spelling words.


Additional Learning Evidence, including photographs and student work samples: There were no photographs or work samples taken for this standard.


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