Professional Attributes

Attendance and Punctuality Enthusiasm Flexibility

 Attendance and Punctuality








Initiative Reflectivity
Tactfulness Patience Cooperation



Pictured above, is an example of my Professional Attributes Collage.  This is a collection of pictures which represents different attributes that I find to be important in becoming a teacher.  Listed below are the explanations for these pictures:

1.  Top Row, Left:  This picture of a clock from portrays the attribute of attendance and punctuality.  In my opinion, the most important quality in which any one must have is punctuality.  This is proof of one truly wanting to be where they are.  Britton, Ian.clockface112214.jpg. Feb.2001. FreeFoto.13 Sep 2005  <>

2.  Top Row, Middle:  This aerobic ant is from the Discovery School Clip Art Gallery.  The ant is portraying the attribute of enthusiasm by showing his outrageous amount of energy.  It is obvious that the ant is enjoying his actions.  I feel that no matter what the activity a teacher has to perform, that they should always portray enthusiasm.  <>

3.  Top Row, Right:  This is a picture of my friend Catherine taken from a digital camera.  She is portraying the attribute of flexibility by doing a back-bend on the ground.  Flexibility is the key to being a successful teacher because plans and lessons change frequently.  Teachers need to be willing to accept and work with frequent change.

4.  Middle Row, Left:  This picture of a mouse running with all of his will was taken from the Discovery School Clip Art Gallery.  I find the mouse to be displaying the attribute of initiative.  The mouse is trying his hardest to complete his "run on the wheel", which is the same attitude teachers and students should have with completing all tasks.  Never give up! <>

5.  Middle Row, Middle:  This is a scanned picture of myself.  I am in the middle of all of the attributes that I have chosen to be the most important.  This shows that these attributes are very important to me, and that I hope to display each one as I am on my way to becoming a teaching professional.

6.  Middle Row, Right:  This  picture of a boy with a thinking cap on was taken from the Discovery School Clip Art Gallery.  In my opinion, he is displaying the attribute of reflectivity by thinking about his actions.  All teachers and students should constantly keep their "thinking caps" on in order to promote their personal growth and reflect on their actions.  <>

7.  Bottom Row, Left:  This picture, taken from, portrays two kids making kissing faces at one another.  They are displaying the attribute of tactfulness by showing their compassion for one another.  This is a key quality that all teachers and students should always display.  Being aware of other's feelings and esteem will promote a healthy classroom atmosphere.  Clarita.  loveCN_2292.jpg. August 2005. MorgueFile. 13 Sep 2005 <>

8.  Bottom Row, Middle:  This picture of a girl raising her hand was taken from the Discovery School Clip Art Gallery.  This little girl is displaying the attribute of patience by sitting down quietly and raising her hand.  Patience is an extremely important aspect that all teachers need in order to have successful days at work.  They must be willing to work with different types of children who need different types of attention. <>

9.  Bottom Row, Right:  This picture of three students standing together was taken from the Discovery School Clip Art Gallery.  These children are portraying the attribute of cooperation.  They are showing positive attitudes towards working with one another.  This is essential in the teaching field since teachers work as a team, rather than working as individuals. <>